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About us

About company

Greif-akustika company performs noise measurement, noise modeling, acoustic studies. We manufacture noise silencers, sound barriers, noise enclosures and containers, noise insulation, soundproof door. We carry out noise reduction measures. We provide complex services for general and energy industry in the field of noise control, from project to assembly. Consultancy and technical support is available on the web pages.


Noise measurements

A wide range of noise measurements in both interior and exterior settings and workplaces. Workplace categorization in respect of noise burden.

  • acoustic survey

  • stationary sources and transportation

  • workplaces

  • acoustic monitoring


Vibration measurements in buildings and workplaces, technical vibration measurements, machinery and equipment vibration diagnostics, design and calculation of flexible bearings.

  • vibration measurements in buildings and workplaces

  • technical vibration measurements

  • machinery and equipment vibration diagnostics

  • flexible bearing design

Construction acoustics

Measurements of acoustic properties of building structures and interiors.

  • air transmission loss

  • impact transmission loss

  • reverberation time

Acoustic studies


Acoustic studies for factories and industrial estates complemented with detailed noise measurements and authenticated proposals for improvements.

  • Industrial estate studies

  • Process facility studies

  • New project assessment

  • Proposals for acoustic improvements

Residential and
commercial dev.

Acoustic surveys and elaboration of studies for all stages of building permitting. Building execution studies for investors.

  • acoustic survey

  • zoning permit studies and EIA

  • building permit studies

  • building execution studies


Do you need only partial assistance rather than an acoustic study? Then acoustic calculations are the thing for you!

  • building structures

  • noise from construction work

  • flexible bearings

  • space acoustics

Products and materials

Noise silencers

A wide range of noise silencers for air conditioning, smokestacks and exhausts. Special silencers for whatever you need.

  • air conditioning

  • Vent silencers / Blow-off silencers
  • Waste gas lines and smokestacks
  • Compressed gases
  • Special and non-standard

Acoustic screens

“Mobile” for construction sites, “Light” for building facility applications, “Heavy” for industry. Noise screening with all the advantages.

  • GZL | light (building facility applications)

  • GZT | heavy (industry)

  • GZM | mobile (construction sites, etc.)

  • GZK | Coulisse (HVAC )

Acoustic hoods

Acoustic enclosures and containers with ventilation noise reduction of various dimensions and noise reducing capacities.

  • enclosures (no floor)

  • containers (with floor)

Construction acoustics

Soundproof doors with high noise insulation level. Silencing blocks and flexible bearings for machines.

  • GS | soundproof doors

  • GP | silencing blocks and flexible foundations

  • GA | acoustic absorbers

Acoustic extractor hood

Absorber designed for industrial applications to dampen noise from individual sources, such as electromotors, pumps, fans, etc.

  • Positioned directly above noise source
  • Reduces noise at the surrounding workplaces
  • Does not interfere with material flow or machine operator

Noise insulation systems and materials

Tried-and-tested noise reduction for surfaces and pipelines. Tested materials with good efficiency and at affordable prices.

  • noise insulation systems

  • vibration reduction

  • sound absorption

  • increased soundproofing




Consultation and technical support

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